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Crawlspace Moisture Mitigation

Wendy Before 2.jpg

When we arrived initially the crawlspace was very dirty and had about a foot of standing water under it. This picture was taken to show the homeowner that water and debris were covering the vapor barrier.

As a result of the standing water being under the home and regrading the property being an issue, we decided to install an interior drainage system along the foundation of the crawlspace which led to a sump pump that would pump the water from under the home and into flower bed.

Wendy Drain 2.jpg
Wendy After 3.jpg

During insulation we have to make sure to make each cut count in order to make the plastic fit under the home without using multiple sections and having the area look unprofessional and unclean.

The end result being that there is no exposed dirt under the home and the interior drain being covered to keep the crawlspace clean as well as dry so that the homeowner is not afraid to go enter and knows that he is safe from any moisture issues.

Wendy After 2.jpg
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